We offer a wide range of services so that your load may arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Dry van

With dry van being one of the most affordable and popular freight methods, we go the extra mile by offering real-time tracking so you can keep an eye on your shipment up until your goods have arrived at their destination. With dry van shipping, not only will your goods be protected in an enclosed trailer, but it will also be protected from theft and bad weather.

• Popular, economical, convenient and versatile.
• Move non-perishables, textiles, electronics, and building products
• Serving commercial
• Shipping automotive parts


With dedicated freight services, Akal Trans will assume all fleet responsibilities for your business. This leaves you without worrying about the responsibilities of fleet ownership, but still reaping the benefits of efficiency, control, tracking your products. We operate 5 major hubs located in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Depending on your needs, we will help determine what solutions are best for your operations. Contact us today to see how we can become your private fleet solution.

• Automotive
• Chemical
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Electronics & Technology
• Energy
• Manufacturing
• Oil & Gas
• Pharmaceuticals
• Retail
• Air Cargo
• Ocean Cargo


We offer intermodal transportation as a solution for those who need to move goods across a great distance and best of all, it is a green alternative. Our relationship with rail providers allows us to offer a variety of transporting options. Just let us know your criteria for success and leave the rest to us!

• Reduces cargo handling, damage, and loss; increases security.
• Allows freight to move faster with reduced fuel costs and smaller carbon footprint.
• Uses railways, ships, and trucks to cut corners of an otherwise long road transport.


Akal Trans have streamlined processes for freight transfers. If your freight needs to be transferred once or multiple times over the course of its journey, our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in finding the right course of action for your business needs.


Akal Trans offer roller beds inside select trailers so you can spend more time transporting your goods rather than spending time loading/unloading. Less manual labor and less forklift traffic going back and forth the receiving area ultimately results in a safer work environment and a better use of resources.


Whether your goods need to stay frozen, chilled, or simply temperature controlled, Akal Trans supplies top-of-the-line refrigerated trucking trailers with knowledgeable owner-operators that’ll make sure your goods are in the same state unloading as they were when they were loaded.


Our warehousing services cater to a variety of handling, storage, and distribution demands. We specialize in cross docking and handle bonded shipments and address packaging concerns. Small, big, bulky, or irregularly shaped goods are not a problem for us at all! Our experts will arrange special accommodations for goods that need it including fragility considerations, ventilation, and temperature control. Our trained staff receives, segregates, consolidates, and stores your products until they are ready for distribution.


Akal Trans offers flat beds perfect for transporting aircraft on ground, special equipment and other oversized loads. No matter how wide, or overweight, or both! If it can still legally move on the road, we can and will do it.